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Donor Module - Syncing with Financials

In the last blog, there was a visual of church or nonprofit tech stack. Today's blog would like to focus on one specific area - syncing your donor module with your financial accounting module.

Any organization would want to have less manual data entry, because anytime someone has to "key-in" data there is more room for error. That is why the ability to connect two separate cloud-based platforms, to act as one is so valuable.

The value is:

  1. Less manual-entry errors

  2. Quicker reports - see donations and other reports in real-time

  3. Only one system to manage donations

At Intelligent Minds Accounting we offer two solutions.

Solution 1:

Use the combination of Stripe & Infoodle (which would be your donor module) and connect it with Xero.

Infoodle is a very well priced CRM system for nonprofits that can also be great in scheduling anything for your church. They allow as many users as needed and focus within the nonprofit realm. Since Infoodle is based in New Zealand, the combination of Stripe is needed to accept US payments, and they sync seamlessly and would handle the different forms of payments (ACH, debit/credit card, and more).

Xero would be your accounting & reporting system. What makes the connection work so well, is that the proper general ledger account and your nonprofit tracking categories. The sync is seamless and allows the visual of donation reports in real-time, as well as cash balances.

This is a great system for smaller to medium size nonprofits and churches.

Church Accounting

Solution 2:

Having an ERP system like Sage Intacct and Pushpay is combination made in heaven for churches. Pushpay would handle all donations, including website, texts, and app payments. The connection through web services would sync the data automatically into Sage Intacct. And they also handle all types of donation means (credit card, debit card, & ACH).

If you know anything about Sage Intacct, it should be how well the reporting system and custom dashboards can help all decision makers in real-time. You would also be able to see the churches other fundraiser and donation efforts in reports that are custom made and see a real-time cash-flow and balance.

This is a great set-up for medium-sized to large-sized churches. Since the size of the organization would be larger, there is even greater value with having this connection. There would be transactions and none would need to be manually added into Sage Intacct.

Church Accounting

To learn more or adjust your current set, reach out to

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